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The Highland Woodworker Episode 3

September 27, 20121 Comment

The latest episode of The Highland Woodworker was just released, have you had a chance to watch it yet? If not, what are you waiting for? Host Charles Brock visits with some of the coolest and most influential woodworkers today and brings us great segments from tools to finishing and so much more. In this […]

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The Highland Woodworker Episode 3 Sneak Peek

August 29, 20120 Comments

Episode 3 of “The Highland Woodworker” is still a couple of weeks away from being released, but they just released a sneak peek of what we’ll see when it does. In the meantime, if you haven’t seen the first two episodes now is the perfect time to get caught up. Visit “The Highland Woodworker” website […]

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Spoken Wood Podcast No. 215

August 9, 20120 Comments

Today’s episode was written by Lee Laird for the Highland Woodworking Blog. It’s titled “What happened to my tool(s)??” and was originally posted April 28, 2011. To read today’s post along with many more from a variety of contributing authors visit the Highland Woodworking Blog at blog.woodworkingtooltips.com. Click to Play Download Audio File Do you […]

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Spoken Wood Podcast No. 195

April 19, 20120 Comments

Today’s episode was written by Tom Schmitt for Highland Woodworking’s Wood News Online . It’s titled “Arthritis and woodworking” and was originally posted in issue No.72 August 2011. To find more great and informative articles written for Highland Woodworking’s Wood News Online visit their website at www.woodnewsonline.com. While you’re there subscribe to receive the Newsletter […]

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482 Building a Hock smoothing plane kit pt 2

April 1, 20124 Comments

On today’s episode we wrap up the construction of the Hock Smoothing Plane Kit from Hock Tools. Last week we assembled the pieces, glued it all up and set it aside to dry in the clamps. Today we start the work to make it a fully functioning hand plane. I’ll walk you through one method […]

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March schwag winners are…

April 1, 20120 Comments

It’s April 1st and while I enjoy a good joke, this isn’t one of them I PROMISE!. Let’s all give a huge CONGRATS to March’s Schwag winners. I’m sending emails out to the winners, so check your inbox if your name is listed below. As always, if you didn’t win this month I’ve already started […]

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481 Building a Hock Smoothing kit pt 1

March 25, 20129 Comments

Today’s episode is the first in a two (maybe three) part build series featuring the Hock Smoothing Plane Kit from Hock Tools. Previously we had such success building the Hock Shoulder Plane it only seemed like a great idea to come back and build this kit. Just like before, all the materials for successfully building […]

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Wood Talk Online Radio No. 93

March 16, 20120 Comments

Have a question or topic suggestion? Email Us or call and leave us a voice mail at (623) 242-5180 or Skype us at WoodTalkOnline. What’s on the bench?   Shannon: finished the Queene Anne side table, small bedside stand for wife, Shaker clock for HTS Matt: Broken closet door and a Hock Smoother Marc: Finishing […]

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Fine Woodworking Live Event the interview

March 16, 20122 Comments

Not to long ago Fine Woodworking Magazine announced the arrival of their first live woodworking event, Fine Woodworking Live. I had the pleasure of talking with FWW Editor Asa Christiana about the magazine and to fill us in on what Fine Woodworking Live is all about. We get all the details about the upcoming event, […]

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480 Samantha’s mirror frame Q&A

March 11, 20122 Comments

After the last episode of Samantha’s mirror frame project many of you wrote me to ask how I installed the mirror in the frame. It was a SLIGHT oversight on my part not to cover the topic, so I’m coming back with a third episode to remedy that mistake. While we’re talking about how I […]

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