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Do you know your drill bit types?

November 14, 20150 Comments

Have you ever stood in the drill bit aisle staring at all the different types and thought to yourself “which one do I need?” If you answer “NO” than you’re either lying or you’re way ahead of me even today! But if you said “YES” than you’ll really appreciate this great infographic from Steve Gordon […]

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Wood’s The Difference?

September 24, 20140 Comments

I’ve become a little obsessed with infographics lately. Maybe I’ll start an entire Tumblr about them? Here’s one that just dropped in my inbox the other day that was produced for Furniture UK. According to its creator, it’s a collection of facts and information about some of the heaviest, the most expensive, and the most […]

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Chisels and gouges 101 from Fix.com

June 6, 20140 Comments

Infographics are a great way to share information, here’s one from the folks at fix.com. Source: Fix.com Help support the show – please visit our advertisers

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