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“Let’s talk about me” over at Wacky Wood Works

April 17, 20151 Comment

A huge thanks to Nighthawk at the Wacky Wood Works website for interviewing me and including me as a “Featured Maker.” It’s purely a coincidence, and also somewhat due to my procrastination and forgetfulness, the article is being published around the same time as my birthday AND the release of the “origin stories” episode of […]

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February 13, 20142 Comments

Looking for something good to fill your ear-holes with today? I am too, let me know what you find! Meanwhile, if you can’t find anything else, head over and visit with the guys at the Modern Woodworker’s Association and checkout the latest episode on their podcast. I’ll give you a hint about the content, they […]

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MBW on the Montgomery Manifesto

February 25, 20131 Comment

I wanted to give a big thanks to Mick Montgomery of the Montgomery Manifesto Podcast for asking me on his show to talk a little bit about the success of the recent MBW Fundraiser. By now all of you know I LOVE TO TALK and having an opportunity to have a conversation about the Matt’s […]

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12 Lighthearted Questions for MBW

May 20, 20120 Comments

Sorry folks but the drought of new content on the show is continuing for another week. The effect of the warmer months are always a content killer every year. Lawns to mow, bikes to ride, and in general just a chance to be outside and not freezing to death while doing it. But rest assured […]

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