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One Rabbeting Bit to rule them all?

September 8, 20152 Comments

When it comes to plowing out material for a rabbet joint I almost always do the job on my table saw using a stacked dado head cutter. Why? Not sure really, force of habit I’m guessing? Actually, it’s probably more to do with a greater sense of safety I have at the table saw than […]

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550 Simple Cabinet Construction Pt 1

August 26, 20151 Comment

Don’t tell my wife, but after all these years of her asking if I’d ever consider building new cabinets for our kitchen I’m finally getting around to doing it. Except they’re not for the kitchen, and they’re not even for our house. Instead, it’s a small build for a client. The good news is Samantha […]

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This old sofa table

June 25, 20150 Comments

Coincidentally, the next project on my list to revisit and share from back in the beginning of my woodworking adventures is this old sofa table (I’ll explain the coincidence at the end of the post.) Similar to previous projects from this time, I built it entirely out of dimensional lumber from my local home center. […]

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Beaded shiplapped back coming soon

March 24, 20150 Comments

If you’ve been following along with the 8 drawer tall dresser build you already know I’ve made a few minor changes to the existing plan (available in our Digital Downloads Store,) nothing major, just a little tweak here and there. I decided recently to make one more change by swapping out the plywood panel I […]

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Wood putty in my joinery

September 10, 20131 Comment

I never realized the amount of wood putty in my joinery! At least in reference to some of my early projects. Apparently I must’ve bought the stuff in 5 gallon drums by the look of it. It really shouldn’t come as that much of a surprise. As a beginning woodworker we often make mistakes and […]

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Wood Talk No. 117 “Shop Cat!”

January 17, 20130 Comments

On today’s show, we’re talking about problems with cat poop, picking the right joint for the job, and some listener feedback on jointer blade sharpening and buying used bandsaws. What’s on the bench? Shannon is starting a new drop-leaf table project and just finished up his creepy church project. Matt is finally using his lathe […]

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Mid-week tool sneak peek no. 9

August 24, 20111 Comment

For creating beautiful custom-made picture frames one way to reinforce the corner miter joints is to use mechanical fasteners. Whether it’s brad nails or specialized joint fasteners, they can quickly and easily strength the miters. But they don’t add anything to the overall look of the frame, nothing that could make your frames stand out […]

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The Daily Matt No. 43

October 8, 20090 Comments

A little about sawing tenons by hand.

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325 The Dovetail Trials or “How I practiced cutting some pins and tails”

November 2, 20080 Comments

Practice has always made for better results, so I’ve decided to keep practicing my dovetail techniques. I’m onto attempt No.6 and the going is getting better. Soon I’ll be moving onto to other joinery techniques too…maybe??? Download Video File

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Joinery Series Part 6 – The Half Lap

November 13, 20060 Comments

Another joinery lessen…the half lap. Download SD Video File

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