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Woodworkers Fighting Cancer 2015 Build Along

September 24, 20150 Comments

It goes without saying, CANCER SUCKS! Sadly, just about all of us have been affected by it either directly or indirectly, and if you haven’t yet, statistically you probably will eventually. Over the last several decades great strides have been made to combat this killer, and as someone who’s adult career at their day-job knows […]

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502 Maple Table Base Pt 2

February 23, 20133 Comments

In today’s episode we’re wrapping up the two part series on the construction of a Maple table base for a our friend’s daughter. Previously we touched a little on the overall design of the legs and then spent the rest of the episode creating the template to duplicate the legs with our solid Maple stock. […]

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441 Maple Kid’s Bookcase Pt. 3

September 23, 20103 Comments

In part 3 of the Kid’s Bookcase construction we start the final assembly. At this point all the components are cut to their final dimensions and we’ve done our dry fits to make sure everything is going to come together without a hitch. While I chose to use pockethole joinery to bring everything together, we’ll […]

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440 Maple Kid’s Bookcase Part 2

September 16, 20106 Comments

With the side panels glued up and grooved to recess our adjustable shelf hardware it’s time to move on to the next part of the Maple Kid’s Bookcase. In today’s episode we cut and prep the fixed shelves then attach them, along with the top rails, to the side panels from Part 1. My method […]

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439 Maple Kid’s Bookcase Construction Pt 1

September 9, 20104 Comments

Long before the summer hiatus this year you might remember our last project build was a Maple Child’s Dresser for a client and family friend. It was one of four pieces I was asked to build for their daughter’s room. Today we’re getting started with the first of a four part series that covers the […]

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419 Maple Child’s Dresser Pt.5

March 18, 20102 Comments

Today’s episode is the 5th part of the series on the Child’s dresser. We’ve jumped ahead a little bit as in real time I started to fall behind so I did some assembly work with the camera off. I’m trying to document as much as I can on these projects, but occasionally things kind of […]

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406 Maple Child’s Dresser Pt. 2

January 25, 20102 Comments

Today’s episode is part 2 of the child’s dresser build project. We spend some time milling up the stock for the legs, jointing and thickness planing. While the majority of this task was completed with my power tools, part of my hybrid woodworker work habits, there is the occassional component that can only be handled […]

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405 Maple Child’s Dresser Pt. 1

January 21, 201010 Comments

Today we start a new build project. Another child’s dresser, but rather than being like Aiden’s dresser from the first year of the show being posted. This one is made of maple and is designed to be shorter and wider (much like the host of the show!). I’ve tried to incorporate as many handtools into […]

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284 Child’s Bookcase Episode 5 – The Finale

July 8, 20080 Comments

Time for the fifth and final installment of the Child’s Bookcase Project. In today’s episode I demonstrate my finishing technique with Shellac and a few other goodies too. Of course I can’t guarantee you’ll learn much about the finishing but you should get a good laugh!

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278 Child’s Bookcase Part 3

June 17, 20080 Comments

Hey folks it’s time for part 3 of this multi-part series following me building a child’s bookcase for a friend of the family. As promised, I documented the build. The good, the bad and the ugly and I’ll be posting new episodes on Wednesdays from this point out, enjoy!

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