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Don’t push them into the shop!

February 29, 201614 Comments

Usually I save this conversation for closer to Father’s Day, but recently I’ve been feeling like I need to bring it up sooner than later. A frequent question I’ve received over the years, and a topic I see come up all the time in forums and on social media, is fellow woodworkers asking how they […]

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Meet “Chip in Action”

December 5, 20143 Comments

I get asked frequently if my kids are interested in woodworking as much as I am? The answer is an absolute NO, they have pretty much zero interest, and I’m totally cool with it. They have their own things they enjoy doing and I completely respect them for it (that, and I don’t have to […]

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Woodworking father, thoughts on kids in the shop

June 11, 20140 Comments

I’ve been a hobbyist woodworker pretty much my kids’ entire lives. This summer my oldest will be 17, my youngest 13, and neither have KNOWN a time when dad didn’t say something like “I’m heading down to the shop if you need me…” or “WHAT DO YOU MEAN I CAN’T BUILD THAT FOR YOU???” Even […]

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