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Kreg Tools and Triton Tools USA March Sweepstakes Week No. 2

March 13, 20130 Comments

If you hadn’t heard already Kreg Tools and Triton Tools USA have teamed up in the month of March to do a big giveaway each week. The first week is done and over with and there’s already one lucky winner, will you be the next one? If so, here’s what you could win: Triton Belt […]

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491 Resawing options

September 15, 20125 Comments

I’ve been doing a lot of resawing lately in my workshop. Not for the purpose of making my own veneers instead it’s all about milling thin stock for the boxes I’m making for my wife’s photography clients (shameless plug…www.shuttersam.com). Resawing thick stock into thinner pieces is a great way to save materials and money too! […]

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453 Walnut Buffet Pt. 3

March 4, 20117 Comments

In today’s episode we start construction of the doors. But before we can really get into it, I need to cut and install the horizontal dividers between the drawers and doors. For this part of the project I chose pocket hole joinery. For me, it was a perfect joinery technique for a piece that was […]

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