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478 Samantha’s Mirror Pt. 1

February 19, 20125 Comments

Today we start a new build project.  We’ve (and by “we” I mean my wife) been in need of a full-length mirror in our bedroom for quite a longtime now. We (this time I mean “us”) finally purchased one not to long ago and I intended to hang it behind the door in our bedroom. […]

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477 Bandsaw riser block – hindsight

February 12, 201210 Comments

This week we return again to the stack of listener suggested topics and questions that have come in over the years. After bringing the 14″ Steel City band saw into the basement workshop, many of you had questions specifically about the riser block I installed. The obvious benefits of a riser block to a 14″ […]

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476 Which shoulder plane?

February 5, 20123 Comments

Today’s episode is the first of a series answering many of the questions and topic suggestions you the audience have sent me over the last 6 years. I frequently get questions regarding choosing tools, stock, projects and great feedback on things we’ve already covered. Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance, all that often, to take […]

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475 Super simple box follow-up

January 29, 20124 Comments

Back in episode 470 I shared with you the construction of a “super simple” wooden box I’ve been making for my wife’s photography business Shutter Sam Photography. I mentioned in the episode that since filming the original footage I had started to streamline the construction process. Just like with any project where you find yourself […]

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474 Shelves and drawers pt 4

January 15, 20122 Comments

It’s a new year, but we have a little work to finish up from the previous year.  As promised, today’s episode is the wrap up to our “Shelves and drawers” series. In part four we complete the “Shelves and drawers” by building the drawer fronts from solid maple, attaching the bases to each of the […]

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473 Shelves and drawers pt 3

December 19, 20110 Comments

In part three of the “Shelves and drawers” build we tackle the construction of the solid maple bases. All four pieces stand on the same style of base, so except for the lengths of the support beams between the tall shelving units and the short drawer units, we can once again gang up and make […]

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472 Shelves and drawers pt 2

December 12, 20112 Comments

In today’s second episode of the “Shelves and drawers” build we move on to the drawer construction.  Just as we saw with the first episode, large projects can appear complicated but when you take the correct approach they can be completed quickly, easily and more importantly accurately. By ganging similar cuts for each component, you […]

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Mid-week tool sneak peek no. 17

December 7, 20110 Comments

It’s the holiday season and we’re coming down to the wire for great gift giving ideas for woodworkers. Every year I struggle with putting together lists and ideas to make it easy for family and friends to find just the right thing for the woodworker in their lives, so this time I’m leaving it to […]

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471 Shelves and drawers pt 1

December 5, 201112 Comments

Today’s show is the first of several episodes covering the construction of a shelving and drawer set.  A good friend of the family approached me about building two tall shelving units and two short units with drawers. All four pieces would stand on top of solid maple bases and the drawer fronts would be solid […]

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Mid-week tool sneak peek no. 14

October 19, 20113 Comments

FAN-BOY ALERT*** I’m a self-proclaimed Christopher Schwarz fan. I enjoy reading and watching much of what he does in the realm of woodworking. So when I heard he was writing another book I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Well, as of my writing this post, I still have yet to get a […]

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