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558 Utensil Drawer Organizer “Forks, spoons and knives…oh my!”

February 5, 20174 Comments

It’s easy to be inspired in the kitchen to make something, and I’m not just referring to food either (okay, maybe I am just a little.) Items for use in the kitchen are popular projects, not only with our spouses but often with family and friends. My wife Samantha has a long list of things […]

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Free Shipping From Bell Forest?

May 26, 20121 Comment

If you’re still on the fence about whether ordering lumber online and having it shipped directly to your shop is a good idea, here’s an offer worth trying. The guys over at Bell Forest Products are offering free shipping on orders over $99.00 in the Contiguous US and free shipping on orders over $250.00 in […]

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The Daily Matt No. 40

October 1, 20090 Comments

Sharing a project, and talking about my new favorite exotic wood MAPLE!

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The Daily Matt No. 34

September 21, 20090 Comments

Stock selection tips and suggestions.

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321 Lumber Species of the Month – Cuts of Veneers

October 23, 20080 Comments

Rather than talking about a specific species of lumber this month let’s talk about something that’s commonly done with them…cutting them into veneers. Cutting veneers is perhaps one of the easiest ways to deal with wood movement or to ensure that more of a unique grain or color can be used within a project. While […]

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297 Lumber Species of the Month – Walnut

August 21, 20080 Comments

Hey everyone it’s time for another installment of Lumber Species of the Month…and this time we’re sharing a few facts on a favorite of a lot of woodworkers – Walnut. Once abundant throughout the United States and growing to 150 FT tall and 6 FT in diameter Walnut was heavily harvested for it’s beautiful grains […]

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