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Wood Talk No. 106

October 25, 20120 Comments

The latest episode of Wood Talk is up and posted at it’s new home. If you haven’t heard the news yet, Wood Talk with Marc, Shannon and myself is now a weekly show and will be posted at one central location so you always know where to find it. Follow this link Wood Talk No. […]

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491 Resawing options

September 15, 20125 Comments

I’ve been doing a lot of resawing lately in my workshop. Not for the purpose of making my own veneers instead it’s all about milling thin stock for the boxes I’m making for my wife’s photography clients (shameless plug…www.shuttersam.com). Resawing thick stock into thinner pieces is a great way to save materials and money too! […]

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Congrats July Schwag Winners!

August 1, 20122 Comments

Congrats to our July Schwag Winners! I hope you’re one of our lucky 8 winners listed below next to their prizes. If it is, keep a look out for my email to get your mailing information and details. BUT IF YOU’RE NOT ON THIS LIST DON’T WORRY! August schwag is moving up to replace all […]

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460 Walls of Shelves Pt. 2

June 17, 201110 Comments

In today’s episode we continue the construction of the “Walls of shelves” for my client by routing the dadoes for the fixed shelves and then ripping the sides to size. Also we’ll cut the fixed shelves and create the blind rabbet joint that not only attaches the top fixed shelf to the sides, but will […]

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