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473 Shelves and drawers pt 3

December 19, 20110 Comments

In part three of the “Shelves and drawers” build we tackle the construction of the solid maple bases. All four pieces stand on the same style of base, so except for the lengths of the support beams between the tall shelving units and the short drawer units, we can once again gang up and make […]

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444 Kid’s Maple Bookcase Pt.4

October 21, 20100 Comments

In today’s episode we get a look at the finished Kid’s Maple Bookcase. When I originally recorded the footage I was literally minutes away from the clients picking it up, so I may have skipped over some details you’d like to know more about. But I did cover as many of the final details as […]

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440 Maple Kid’s Bookcase Part 2

September 16, 20106 Comments

With the side panels glued up and grooved to recess our adjustable shelf hardware it’s time to move on to the next part of the Maple Kid’s Bookcase. In today’s episode we cut and prep the fixed shelves then attach them, along with the top rails, to the side panels from Part 1. My method […]

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The Daily Matt No. 40

October 1, 20090 Comments

Sharing a project, and talking about my new favorite exotic wood MAPLE!

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