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Winter is no time for a dusty shop!

January 19, 20120 Comments

Winter is well underway and now that the threat of being snowed in for a few days is a reality, I start thinking more and more about spending quality time in the shop. Especially considering the furnace is smack dab in the middle of mine, it IS the warmest place in the house Of course […]

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Last minute giveaway

December 27, 20110 Comments

Christmas is officially over in the Vanderlist household and amazingly there was only one return this year. Turns out I paid attention to what the family REALLY wanted vs my usual shopping technique of grab and go on Christmas Eve at the dollar store. Speaking of people getting what they wanted, the holiday weekend interrupted […]

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473 Shelves and drawers pt 3

December 19, 20110 Comments

In part three of the “Shelves and drawers” build we tackle the construction of the solid maple bases. All four pieces stand on the same style of base, so except for the lengths of the support beams between the tall shelving units and the short drawer units, we can once again gang up and make […]

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My Toolselect.com debut

December 13, 20116 Comments

Not too long ago I wrote a post about Toolselect.com. In it I mentioned what a great service they provide for ANYONE looking for real world reviews about all kinds of tools. I mentioned how Toolselect.com gives reviewers a tool to take back to their shop or job site or wherever they’ll use it and […]

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472 Shelves and drawers pt 2

December 12, 20112 Comments

In today’s second episode of the “Shelves and drawers” build we move on to the drawer construction. ┬áJust as we saw with the first episode, large projects can appear complicated but when you take the correct approach they can be completed quickly, easily and more importantly accurately. By ganging similar cuts for each component, you […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24, 20110 Comments

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in the United States or if you just want to play along and stuff yourself ridiculously with food today. Enjoy this one day of great food, good company and an excuse to wear stretchy pants (like I need one)! Remember, turkey makes you sleepy, so don’t stuff your face […]

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Quick update…

November 7, 20114 Comments

Hi everyone I just wanted to let you know that while there aren’t any rumors floating around yet about the show podfading (except the ones I snuck in at a few key locations just to see if anyone was paying attention). I have been very busy over the last few weeks with getting some build […]

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BORA 24″ Clamp Edge Giveaway

August 29, 20110 Comments

This is the final drawing for the “BORA 24″ Wide Track Clamp Giveaway”. I want to give a huge thanks to the very generous folks at BORA for making this possible. Congrats also to ALL of our previous winners over the past month and a half. With the podcast season just about to get back […]

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Another week, another winner!

August 8, 20110 Comments

Another week, another winner of a “BORA 24″ Wide Track Clamp Giveaway”! CONGRATULATIONS TO THIS WEEK’S WINNER – Bob Rankin!This is the way it works; each week we draw the name of one lucky winner from all of the comments posted on ANY of the episodes, blog posts, cross-posts, ANY content we have on the […]

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463 Walls of Shelves Pt. 5

August 7, 201112 Comments

It’s the final episode in the “Walls of Shelves” series. In today’s episode I’m applying a veneer edge banding to the exposed edges of the shelving units and ALL the shelves that go with them. Unlike in previous builds where I’ve opted to use solid edge banding, this time I’m turning to the pre-glued version. […]

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