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493 Table saw sled

October 7, 20129 Comments

ENOUGH TALK ABOUT THE NEW SAW, LET’S BUILD SOMETHING WITH IT!!! I’d love to tell you it would be something ├╝ber cool, ultra modern and hip…but then it wouldn’t be on this show if it were. Instead, the first project on the new saw is something FOR THE NEW SAW; it’s a very basic, no […]

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Congrats to our schwag winners

November 30, 20110 Comments

Congratulations to our schwag winners! It’s been several months since our last schwag drawing and there were a lot of names submitted, but here they are: HIGHLAND WOODWORKING WOODSLICER BLADE – 2 Winners each month! Congrats to – Ed Drachenberg & Eric Beckham MICRO JIG ZEROPLAY MITER GUIDE BAR Congrats to – M. Haley MILESCRAFT […]

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427 The GRR-Ripper

May 10, 20104 Comments

It’s Safety Week 2010 and it only makes sense for this week’s “Try It Tuesday” to be a safety device. A while ago we had a chance to give-away a Micro-Jig GRR-Ripper as part of our monthly schwag drawing. I couldn’t just give one away without trying it out for myself, so for total openness…YES […]

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