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305 Shooting with the Shooting Board

September 10, 20081 Comment

Hey everyone here’s the promised video on how to shoot with a shooting board. Highlights include why doesn’t the plane damage the reference edge and of course what’s the best technique. If you’re curious about my other resource checkout White Mountain Design they have a great tutorial on shooting boards including an excellent photo answer […]

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304 Shooting Board Follow-Up

September 7, 20080 Comments

Hey everyone it’s Monday and it’s back to work for most of us. Of course over the weekend I had a chance to hear from a number of you who had questions regarding the shooting board. Perhaps the number 1 question was “why doesn’t the blade of the plane alter the reference edge of the […]

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302 Building A Shooting Board Pt. 2

September 2, 20080 Comments

This is Pt. 2 of the Shooting Board Construction video. Today’s episode covers the construction of an auxillary fence for 45 degree cuts and then a very basic lesson on shooting. This type of simplified design is easy to build, so if you haven’t done it yet give it a shot! Download Video File

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301 Building A Shooting Board Pt. 1

August 30, 20080 Comments

I had originally planned on releasing this video as part of a series on Monday and Wednesday. But based on the number of requests I had to see the construction process as soon as possible, I couldn’t wait. So here is Pt. 1 of a two part series. Today’s video highlights the basic construction of […]

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