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The Microdial Taper Jig from Microjig

July 8, 20138 Comments

It seems like all the tapering jigs I’ve ever used can be divided into one of two groups; crappy or awesome. My first manufactured tapering jig was one of those two legs with a hinge and not much support or accuracy kind. Why did I buy it? Because it was cheap and I didn’t know […]

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Carter Log Mill Demo by Morton

May 31, 20133 Comments

After seeing George Vondriska’s demonstration at Weekend with WOOD titled “Logs to Lumber” I’ve been noticing more and more tree trimming happening in my neighborhood. And by “noticing more and more” I mean simply, I’m starting to get the itch a little to try my hand at sawing my own lumber from local fallen trees. […]

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Morton reviews the Steel City Planer with Carbide Cutters

March 19, 20134 Comments

I remember wandering the show floor at AWFS 2009 and seeing a booth featuring helical cutterheads for jointers and thickness planers and thinking “I need to get one of those for my tools!”. I also remember thinking about how amazing it would be if I had one with carbide cutters versus the usual high speed […]

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