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Woodworking in America 2013 – Peter Follansbee “Carved Spoons”

October 28, 20130 Comments

This year I decided I really wanted to take a class or two on topics that normally I wouldn’t be drawn towards. In the past this usually meant something to do with turning, carving a linenfold or leaf and especially nothing to do with hand-hewing a log. It’s not that I don’t think they’re worthwhile […]

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Review Show No. 16 “17th Century New England Carving with Peter Follansbee”

June 19, 20130 Comments

Title: 17th Century New England Carving with Peter Follansbee Run Time: 88 Minutes Production Date: 2010 Produced By: Lie Nielsen Price: $25 DVD From the Back of the Case This style of carved decoration takes its inspiration from furniture and woodwork from both England and New England, spanning most of the seventeenth century. Geometric, floral […]

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