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553 The Small Pine Cabinet

November 29, 201514 Comments

Who doesn’t need a little more storage space? Whether it’s in the woodshop like me, or anywhere else throughout your living space, small cabinets help to tuck away the clutter and keep things organized. In this episode we’re making a simple, small cabinet from supplies you can easily pick up at just about any home […]

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Card Catalog – CD Case

July 13, 20153 Comments

Continuing along with my trip down memory lane and revisiting old projects, the next one I’m sharing was a huge step up for me and something I’m still very proud of and not the least bit afraid to show off. Music had always been a big part of my life, and as it turned out, […]

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This old sofa table

June 25, 20150 Comments

Coincidentally, the next project on my list to revisit and share from back in the beginning of my woodworking adventures is this old sofa table (I’ll explain the coincidence at the end of the post.) Similar to previous projects from this time, I built it entirely out of dimensional lumber from my local home center. […]

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Next lesson on my woodworking path

June 1, 20152 Comments

Continuing along the path of retracing my woodworking past I want to share the next project I tackled shortly after I built my wife’s lingerie chest of drawers, which was one for my mother-in-law (although I prefer to just refer to it as her chest of drawers.) This one was a lot like the previous […]

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Wood Talk No. 125

March 21, 20130 Comments

On today’s show, we’re talking about getting back into woodworking, channeling the Schwarz on pine, drying wood in Texas, and shipping furniture. Around the Web Shannon found some vintage Roy Underhill video featuring screw cutting Barnes lathe, metalworking but gear head goodness! Cliff sent in a link to some amazing Wooden watches Marc recommends a […]

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Wood Talk No. 123

March 6, 20130 Comments

On today’s show, we’re talking about fixing a bent hand saw, deciding what scrap to keep, working with pine, perfectly calibrated tools making imperfect cuts, our favorite finishes, and should woodworking be sexy? Around the Web Kyle sent in this video saying “I don’t know if you guys have seen this, but really excellent video […]

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