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A slightly, moderately-more-complex planer sled

June 22, 20163 Comments

If you’re the type of woodworker who really loves to build a complex jig with all the bells and whistles, then I have a feeling you were already trying to figure out how to modify my simple planer sled. In 2005 the folks over at Fine Woodworking shared Arlington, Texas, woodworker Keith Rust’s sled, which […]

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555 A simple planer sled

June 12, 20165 Comments

For the past several months while I’ve been on the road for work my wife Samantha has been tackling a kitchen project. I’ve been helping out where, and when I could, but for the most part it was all her sweat and effort going into it (and before anyone asks, no, I didn’t build any […]

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More Reasons For Buying A Thickness Planer First

February 7, 20132 Comments

To recap the last post; when asked which tool would I purchase first, a thickness planer or a jointer? My answer will always be a thickness planer. Some of you might be asking “why?” Well it’s plain and simple as far as I’m concerned. With a thickness planer I can use a technique or two […]

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