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396 Veritas Plow Plane

November 17, 20093 Comments

Plow planes are nothing new, they’ve been a mainstay in hand tool shops for centuries. In fact the plow plane was and still is a tool that defined the craftsman. Whether it was an all wooden bodied plane with ebony inlays and beautiful brass components for a master woodworker. Are a simple boxwood or beech […]

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379 Meet DL Barrett & Sons Toolworks

September 7, 20091 Comment

As part of “Try it Tuesday” I’d like to introduce some of you to Dan and Kyle Barrett of DL Barrett & Sons Toolworks. Dan and Kyle were one of the vendors at WIA this year and after seeing Kyle’s work being featured on Woodworking Magazine’s blog I knew I had to meet them. DL […]

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Matt’s Basement Workshop at WIA Furniture Construction and Design Conference

August 15, 20092 Comments

I’ve heard said, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.” So in that vein of thought, I snagged Marc Spagnolou’s idea for Live Vegas Postings and I’m doing the same from WIA’s Furniture Construction and Design Conference, enjoy! Let me know if there’s something you see or hear and want more information about. I’ll do […]

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360 First Visit to Marc Adam’s School

May 12, 20094 Comments

It’s been a couple of weeks since I drove down to the Indianapolis area to attend a weekend class at the Marc Adams School of Woodworking. You’re probably aware by now that I decided to take a class being taught by Chris Schwarz and Thomas Lie-Nielsen on hand planes. This was a subject I already […]

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344 The Plow Plane

January 17, 20097 Comments

The small plow plane from Veritas has quickly made it’s way to the top of my list of “favorite tools”. It’s so easy to use, and like a good “speciality” tool should do, it does its job extremely well. So well in fact I’ve actually wasted time debating whether I should or shouldn’t use it […]

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