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545 Madison’s Dresser Pt 9 “The big reveal”

April 29, 20153 Comments

In today’s episode we wrap-up this epic nine-part series on the construction of the 8 Drawer Tall Dresser for my daughter Madison. It always seems to happen no matter how hard we try to avoid it. As we near the end of a build there are plenty of small (and sometimes significant) details we have […]

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544 Madison’s Dresser Pt 8 “Drawer Construction”

April 10, 20159 Comments

The end of the tall dresser build is almost here. One of the final things left to do, other than apply the paint, is to build the drawers. So that’s what we’re doing in today’s episode, it’s all about drawer construction. We’ll discuss dimensioning the Baltic Birch plywood for the drawer box sides. Fabricating the […]

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Plywood versus solid wood for drawer boxes

March 26, 201519 Comments

I’m very near completing Madison’s tall dresser, at this point the only thing complicated I have left to complete is the construction of the eight drawer boxes. Originally I intended to build them entirely from solid wood (and the plans for the project reflect this choice) but at the last minute I’ve decided instead to […]

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“Love Letter to Plywood” by Tom Sachs Video is Awesome!!!

December 4, 20122 Comments

I need to spend more time combing the internet for amazing content like this video produced by Tom Sachs, thankfully the folks at Micro Jig found it and posted it in their newsletter. There is something about amazingly well produced video shorts that have always mesmerized me, sadly I have yet to translate that into […]

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Spoken Wood Podcast No. 156

September 20, 20110 Comments

Today’s episode was written by Robert W. Lang for the Popular Woodworking Shop Blog. It’s titled “Amazing Discovery in Cincinnati Woodshop” and was originally posted April 8, 2011. To find more great posts like today’s, visit the Popular Woodworking Shop Blog at www.popularwoodworking.com/blog. Download Audio File Do you have a blog post or an article […]

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459 Walls of Shelves Pt. 1

June 3, 20112 Comments

Today we’re starting a new build series on the show. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be covering the construction of an entire wall or two of book shelves. This is a repeat client for me and I’m more than happy to fill their house with more of my projects. In fact, the shelves […]

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390 Hendrik’s Latest DVD “Working with Plywood”

October 20, 20091 Comment

For the month of October, we have Hendrik back once again to talk about one of his two new DVDs. This month, we’re discussing the first title “Working with Plywood”. At just over 11 hours in length, Hendrik leaves nothing out when it comes to teaching you how to successfully use plywood in your projects. […]

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389 Samantha’s Bookcase Construction Pt 2

October 15, 20095 Comments

In the last episode of Samantha’s Bookcase project, we covered ripping sheets of plywood to their rough sizes. For a small shop this can be a daunting task, but not impossible if you plan it correctly. A big part of my planning is not worrying about taking the cuts to their final dimensions yet, but […]

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Just Saw It!

February 24, 20096 Comments

Just a quick little video for the fun of it. I’m in the middle of a couple of projects and one of them is using some beautiful Cherry Plywood (expensive too!!). I needed to make some cuts and it was late at night. So instead of pulling out the track saw and making all kinds […]

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Tips on Cutting Large Sheets and Boards

December 3, 20060 Comments

A couple of tips on a safe way to cut large sheets of plywood or large solid wood boards, especially when working by yourself in the shop. Download SD Video File

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