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457 Walnut Buffet Pt. 7 – The Wrap-Up

April 15, 20115 Comments

On today’s show we’re wrapping up the walnut buffet build. Really there’s not much more to discuss other than the finishing process, and how and why I chose to roll my nicely laid out mitered edges on the top (here’s a hint, sharp edges won’t just bite you when you bump into them. They also […]

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430 Woodworking In America Highlights with Megan Fitzpatrick

May 19, 20106 Comments

WOODWORKING IN AMERICA 2010 has opened the doors for would-be attendees to register and plan their schedules for the upcoming October 1-3, 2010 conference. As someone who’s had a chance to attend two of the Woodworking in America events I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest people sign up and come out to see what it’s all […]

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