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Do you “design” a piece or “re-dimension” it?

January 12, 20154 Comments

The truth is, I’ve never designed an original piece in my life. Everything I’ve ever built has been a version of someone else’s work. If there was an extent to my design work it’susually just altering the dimensions to fit the need, and perhaps tweaking some embellishments or edge profiles. I’m not ashamed to admit […]

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Spoken Wood Podcast No. 208

July 10, 20120 Comments

Today’s episode was written by George Walker for the Design Matters blog. It’s titled “Proportions add life to a design” and was originally posted October 18, 2011. To find more great posts like today’s visit Design Matters at georgewalkerdesign.wordpress.com Click to Play Download Audio File Do you have a blog post or an article you’d […]

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