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You dang blade guides!

January 17, 20146 Comments

It was bound to happen sometime, I just hate that I didn’t catch it earlier! Thankfully though nothing was messed up that couldn’t be adjusted. “What happened” you’re asking? Since working on the platform bed project, I’ve been using my bandsaw a lot more than I have in the past. In fact, I’ve probably resawn […]

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491 Resawing options

September 15, 20125 Comments

I’ve been doing a lot of resawing lately in my workshop. Not for the purpose of making my own veneers instead it’s all about milling thin stock for the boxes I’m making for my wife’s photography clients (shameless plug…www.shuttersam.com). Resawing thick stock into thinner pieces is a great way to save materials and money too! […]

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477 Bandsaw riser block – hindsight

February 12, 201210 Comments

This week we return again to the stack of listener suggested topics and questions that have come in over the years. After bringing the 14″ Steel City band saw into the basement workshop, many of you had questions specifically about the riser block I installed. The obvious benefits of a riser block to a 14″ […]

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281 Child’s Bookcase Episode 4

June 24, 20080 Comments

Time for the next installment of the Child’s Bookcase Project. We’re nearing the completion of the project and in today’s episode I demonstrate resawing and shiplapping of stock for the back. I can’t say enough about how easy the resawing went with my WoodSlicer Resaw Blade from Highland Woodworking. If you’re in the market for […]

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