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Roarockit Vacuum Bag for larger projects

October 27, 20153 Comments

If you learn nothing else from me I hope it’s the simple fact there’s always more than one way to do the same thing. Whether it’s chisel work, milling lumber or pretty much every other task in the woodshop there are no true hard and fast rules to woodworking, other than to work safely! One […]

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369 Interview with Ted & Norah of Roarockit Skateboard

June 25, 20094 Comments

Building projects with kids can be both fulfilling and…interesting…at the same time. Finding the right project is probably the hardest part of the build. But when you do, it’s well worth it. Back around December of last year I had a chance to build a skateboard project with my kids. We contacted the folks at […]

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336 Roarockit Skateboard Kit

December 2, 20082 Comments

Building anything with your kids can be a lot of fun, but finding the right project to keep them interested is sometimes a challenge. I found a great project at www.roarockit.com, it’s a skateboard!! Everything you need to build the skateboard is included…the glue, the veneers, the form and even a vacuum bag that works […]

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