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One Rabbeting Bit to rule them all?

September 8, 20152 Comments

When it comes to plowing out material for a rabbet joint I almost always do the job on my table saw using a stacked dado head cutter. Why? Not sure really, force of habit I’m guessing? Actually, it’s probably more to do with a greater sense of safety I have at the table saw than […]

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400 Whiteside’s 1/2″ Radius Edge Beading Bit

December 7, 20090 Comments

This month’s Router Bit of The Month, from Whiteside and available at a great discounted price at Woodcraft is the 1/2″ Radius, Edge Beading Bit. A great profile for applying a decorative single beaded edge to table aprons, legs and more. And to make it even more versatile, the Edge Beading Bit can be used […]

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399 Samantha’s Bookcase Pt. 5

December 3, 20090 Comments

In today’s episode we wrap up the solid wood edging on the base. I chose to attach it via biscuit joinery and then to make it flush with the shelf surfaces and sides I ran a flush trimming bit along the edge. The result sounds like a lot of work, but in the end the […]

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398 Whiteside’s Medium Ogee Raised Panel Bit

November 23, 20090 Comments

Better late than never, I always say! While it may not give you an opportunity to pick up this month’s Router Bit of the month at a great discounted price, you can still checkout a profile that maybe just what you’re looking for when it comes to making stunning frame and panel components. With a […]

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393 October Schwag Drawings

October 31, 20095 Comments

It’s time to giveaway some schwag for the month of October and why not do it on the same day kids are out Trick or Treating? But rather than scaring the living daylights out of everyone I’m planning on making it feel a little more like giving holidays that are now just around the corner. […]

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383 Whiteside’s Biscuit Joining Kit

September 21, 20090 Comments

We almost missed it this month, but it’s better late than never I say! It’s time for ROUTER BIT OF THE MONTH!!! And this month we’re taking a look at Whiteside’s Biscuit Joining Kit, a simple little slot cutting profile that includes 3 different sized bearings making it easy for you to cut mating joints […]

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376 I’m Back!

August 30, 20091 Comment

With the Labor Day holiday only a week away here in the States and the start of school for the vast majority of our kids just as close. There’s no getting around the fact that summer is coming to an end. But on the bright side that also means the summer hiatus of Matt’s Basement […]

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375 Whiteside’s 1/2″ Radius Roundover Bit

August 13, 20090 Comments

I’m a little behind in getting this posted, but it’s time once again for ROUTER BIT OF THE MONTH!! This month we’re featuring Whiteside’s 1/2″ Radius Roundover bit. Much larger than our typical roundovers, but still a great profile for lots of applications. The problem with smaller radius roundover bits on thicker stock is that […]

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372 Whiteside’s 10 Essential Router Bits

July 2, 20091 Comment

While working with the great folks at Whiteside Router Bits (Clark Whiteside and Chris Miller) at the West Virginia Woodcraft show. I had a chance to record an episode for this month’s ‘Router Bit of the Month’ based on an article written by Gary Rogowski in Fine Woodworking Magazine’s September/October 2006 issue titled “10 Essential […]

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368 Milescraft Router Pantograph

June 23, 200910 Comments

I’ve had this really neat router pantograph in my own shop for about a year or more and being able to use it to craft, out of the ordinary signs, that your typical router sign making kit just can’t do I was really excited when the guys from Milescraft asked if I’d be interested in […]

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