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383 Whiteside’s Biscuit Joining Kit

September 21, 20090 Comments

We almost missed it this month, but it’s better late than never I say! It’s time for ROUTER BIT OF THE MONTH!!! And this month we’re taking a look at Whiteside’s Biscuit Joining Kit, a simple little slot cutting profile that includes 3 different sized bearings making it easy for you to cut mating joints […]

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375 Whiteside’s 1/2″ Radius Roundover Bit

August 13, 20090 Comments

I’m a little behind in getting this posted, but it’s time once again for ROUTER BIT OF THE MONTH!! This month we’re featuring Whiteside’s 1/2″ Radius Roundover bit. Much larger than our typical roundovers, but still a great profile for lots of applications. The problem with smaller radius roundover bits on thicker stock is that […]

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374 Day 2 at AWFS

July 22, 20092 Comments

Day 2 of AWFS was just as exciting as Day 1. The day started out with a monorail ride to the venue and to my surprise the guy standing in front of me was Joe Harmon, the builder of Splinter. We had a chance to talk a little as we walked in the Convention Center […]

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368 Milescraft Router Pantograph

June 23, 200910 Comments

I’ve had this really neat router pantograph in my own shop for about a year or more and being able to use it to craft, out of the ordinary signs, that your typical router sign making kit just can’t do I was really excited when the guys from Milescraft asked if I’d be interested in […]

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365 Whiteside’s Rabbet Bit Set

June 5, 20090 Comments

Throughout the month of June 2009, Woodcraft and Matt’s Basement Workshop are featuring Whiteside Router Bit’s Rabbet Bit set as the router bit of the month. Following along with the idea of “essential” router bit profiles, a rabbeting bit is without a doubt one of these. In just about every project we build, whether it’s […]

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361 Whiteside’s 3/8″ Diameter Chamfer Bit

May 15, 20092 Comments

For all of May 2009, Woodcraft and Matt’s Basement Workshop are featuring Whiteside Router Bit’s 1/4″ shank, 3/8″ diameter chamfer cutting bit as router bit of the month. In my opinion, chamfer cutting bits are one of the essential router bits that should be found in everyone’s collection of profiles. They produce a simple edge […]

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353 Whiteside’s 7/16″ Guide Bushing

April 3, 20092 Comments

Router Bit of the Month for April 2009 isn’t a router bit at all, but is instead a router accessory. The Whiteside 7/16″ Precision Ground Guide Bushing is a great alternative…some might even say an upgrade…to the typical guide bushing that comes with your manufactured router jigs. Easy to install, easy to use and with […]

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347 Whiteside’s Counterbore Screw Slot Bit

February 6, 20091 Comment

It’s the beginning of a brand new month and that means it’s time for ROUTER BIT OF THE MONTH!! This month we’re trying out Whiteside Counter Bore Screw Slot Router Bit in the basement workshop. This is a stepped cutter bit, so that means that it has two different sized cutters working together to give […]

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261 – Router Bit of the Month – Whiteside’s Shaker Style Raised Panel

May 1, 20080 Comments

It’s the beginning of a new month here at Matt’s Basement Workshop, so that means today’s Feature Friday is Router Bit of the Month!! Once again Woodcraft and Whiteside sent us another great router bit to try out and for one of you lucky listeners….well you’re getting one too!! The Whiteside Shaker Style Raised Panel […]

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187 Router Bit of the Month – Tongue and Groove

September 20, 20071 Comment

We’re back again this month with the latest installment of Router bit of the month from Woodcraft and Whiteside Manufacturing. For the month of September the featured router bit is a tongue and groove bit. This single bit features two cutters sandwiching a bearing that allows you to quickly and easily feed stock through and […]

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