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Sam’s Music for the Wood Shop No. 5

February 16, 20130 Comments

Samantha’s been pretty busy lately, but I finally had a chance to sit her down and get a music suggestion for the wood shop this week. Angus and Julia Stone are a brother-sister folk-blues duo hailing from Australia. And unlike typical siblings, they don’t mind letting the other take the lead on their own songs […]

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Sam’s Music for the Wood Shop No. 2

November 26, 20122 Comments

I was at my local coffee shop waiting for my mocha (skim milk no whip cream, which I saw she did put whip cream on it and then quickly spooned it out hoping I didn’t see) when I heard a song that I knew and just couldn’t place it. It was driving me crazy! So […]

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495 Bedside Tables Pt 1

November 4, 201213 Comments

I’m sure you’ve heard the trope “The cobbler’s children have no shoes”? Well the same thing in the Vanderlist household can be said about furniture. Around here it feels like I’m always making something for someone else’s house (or more than likely for my shop). For a long time now my wife Samantha has been […]

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