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Sawdust and gas appliances, an accident waiting to happen?

August 7, 201411 Comments

Since my workshop is located in the basement it makes sense that I might be a little concerned about the potential for explosions or fires due to the exposure of sawdust, woodchips & shavings to pilot lights from our gas furnace and water heater. But I’m not! Am I being cavalier about the topic?…Maybe. Do […]

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269 More Ideas on Uses for Scraps and Sawdust

May 27, 20080 Comments

Last Wednesday I shared with you my uses for extra scraps, sawdust and shavings. And just as I had asked, you the listeners came through for me!! Quite a few of you sent in your ideas, so as promised I have this follow up show to share them with everyone. Download Video File

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267 – What I Do With Scraps and Shavings

May 20, 20080 Comments

WARNING!! I FORGOT TO TURN UP THE VOLUME WHEN I WAS RECORDING SO TODAY’S EPISODE NEEDS TO BE TURNED UP WHEN YOU LISTEN. We all make scraps and shavings when we’re building. What we do with them is as varied as the projects we build. I use to have stacks and stacks of these offcuts, […]

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