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SawStop Brake Cartridge Swap

March 11, 20153 Comments

When it comes to the topic of my SawStop there are three very frequent questions I get. One is regarding whether I still like it. My answer is a resounding “YES, I absolutely love it!” The next one is “can you use the same brake cartridge for both standard blades and dado blades?” This answer […]

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Table Saw Techniques with Gregory Paolini & SawStop

March 14, 20142 Comments

“Cut a board for a man & help him with a project. Teach a man to cut a board on his own table saw and he can do it himself…so you can work on your own dang stuff!” If you don’t feel like teaching that man yourself have them checkout some of these videos Gregory […]

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505 SawStop & Me “My Full Review”

May 1, 201351 Comments

On today’s episode I’m sharing my full review of the 110V, 1.75HP SawStop cabinet saw I received as part of an advertising deal back in October of 2012. As I had mentioned in the previous video “Hello New Saw”, I wanted to spend a little time with the saw before I shared my opinions about […]

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Safety Day 2013 Sneak Peek

April 27, 20134 Comments

I promised back in October of 2012 that I’d do a full review of my experience with the SawStop table saw I received as payment for an advertising deal. This weekend I’m wrapping up the final shots and putting it all together for Safety Day 2013 on May 1st. I invited the family down into […]

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SawStop Z.C.I. Throat Plate Sneak Peek

March 18, 20138 Comments

I finally had a chance to install the new SawStop Z.C.I. Aluminum body throat plate, available at Infinity Cutting Tools www.infinitytools.com, in my SawStop this weekend. It’s nice to have options when it comes to items like zero-clearance inserts for table saws and this one has some nice bells and whistles. This is just a […]

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SawStop Bypass System Second Look

October 13, 20124 Comments

Today’s post is a short and sweet look at the Bypass system on the SawStop. After introducing the new saw just a couple of weeks ago, I heard from a few listeners that they were interested in hearing more about the bypass system that allows the user to “bypass the braking mechanism”. The SawStop Bypass […]

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493 Table saw sled

October 7, 20129 Comments

ENOUGH TALK ABOUT THE NEW SAW, LET’S BUILD SOMETHING WITH IT!!! I’d love to tell you it would be something ├╝ber cool, ultra modern and hip…but then it wouldn’t be on this show if it were. Instead, the first project on the new saw is something FOR THE NEW SAW; it’s a very basic, no […]

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492 Hello New Saw!

October 1, 201245 Comments

As table saws go, I’ve had an opportunity over the years to use one from each of the three body types; benchtop, contractor and cabinet. While they’re all tablesaws and do the same job, the specifications of each are very different. Where benchtop and contractor saws are portable in their own ways, the cabinet saw […]

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