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March Schwag Winners Have Not Been Forgotten!

April 2, 20139 Comments

Hey folks I swear I didn’t forget the March Schwag winners. Between the new site going live and April Fools day, I didn’t want them to get lost or presumed false along the way. So without further delay here are our the winners of the March 2013 Schwag drawings: What kind of Schwag do we […]

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The December Schwag Winners Are…

January 2, 20132 Comments

I know it’s already the second day of the New Year, but I’ve been away in a cabin for four days with friends and there was no WiFi or decent phone signal. In other words (whether I want to admit it or not) it was bliss! But what does that have to do with Schwag […]

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TRICK OR TREAT, It’s October Schwag!

October 26, 20123 Comments

Dressing up and running door to door to get free stuff sounds so much harder than just filling out the form on our Schwag page here at Matt’s Basement Workshop! Not to mention, rather than getting a pillow case full of candy you only eat when all the good stuff is gone, these treats are […]

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And the September winners are…

October 1, 20120 Comments

AND THE WINNERS ARE! HIGHLAND WOODWORKING WOODSLICER BLADE – Mike Heinen & Barry Houselander HTC Large ToolSaver Machine Cover – Michael A Candella “Hand Planing Techniques” DVD by Hendrik Varju – Joshua Korf “Sharpening & Tuning Hand Planes and Chisels” DVD by Hendrik Varju – Clint Russell Rockler 3-Piece Silicone Glue Application Kit – Daniel […]

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August Schwag Winners Rejoice!

September 1, 20120 Comments

Congrats to our August Schwag Winners, I hope you find your name below! The September giveaway is just around the corner, get yourself entered so you don’t miss any opportunities to win great woodworking prizes. Visit the SCHWAG SIGN-UP PAGE and enter your name today. HIGHLAND WOODWORKING WOODSLICER BLADE – 2 Winners Congrats to – […]

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Return of the Schwag

June 27, 20121 Comment

I know…I know it’s been a LONG TIME since we had a schwag giveaway here at Matt’s Basement Workshop! But the drought is over and the schwag has returned for the month of June. Sunday July 1st, 2012 I’ll have a list of all the schwag winners for June and I’ll post their names and […]

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March schwag winners are…

April 1, 20120 Comments

It’s April 1st and while I enjoy a good joke, this isn’t one of them I PROMISE!. Let’s all give a huge CONGRATS to March’s Schwag winners. I’m sending emails out to the winners, so check your inbox if your name is listed below. As always, if you didn’t win this month I’ve already started […]

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February Schwag Winners are…

March 2, 20120 Comments

A day or two late, but I have a feeling if you’re name is on the list below you’re probably in a forgiving mode. Congrats to February’s winners! GORILLA GLUE PRIZE PACK – 5 Winners Congrats to – Ricky Hackett, Rob Camper, Rob McEwen, Joe Wiener, Vincent Gentile HIGHLAND WOODWORKING WOODSLICER BLADE – 2 Winners […]

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Last minute giveaway

December 27, 20110 Comments

Christmas is officially over in the Vanderlist household and amazingly there was only one return this year. Turns out I paid attention to what the family REALLY wanted vs my usual shopping technique of grab and go on Christmas Eve at the dollar store. Speaking of people getting what they wanted, the holiday weekend interrupted […]

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Weekly Toolbag Giveaway with ToolSelect.com

December 9, 20113 Comments

All month long I have these great tool bags to giveaway thanks to the folks at www.Toolselect.com. One bag per week and another as part of the regular schwag giveaway.

 So if you’re not entered this month, just fill out the schwag entry form by visiting our “Schwag Giveaway Page”. I plan to draw the […]

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