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Old tools made new

February 15, 20165 Comments

It’s been a while since I’ve picked up an “old tool” and made any attempt at restoring it. Early in my woodworking career it was a great way to outfit my shop with tools I either needed, or thought I needed (in other words, feed my addiction!) One problem I ran into frequently was that […]

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547 Sharpening station upgrade “no more chasing the stones!”

June 5, 20153 Comments

I don’t which I’m more excited about, the new and improved work surface I’m using for my sharpening station or the little addition I just added the other day? Sharpening my hand planes and chisels has always been one of those things I begrudgingly did. It’s not that I didn’t get good results, it’s just […]

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New tool announcement coming soon…starting with Tormek

September 3, 20140 Comments

Frequently I receive press releases and updates from manufacturers about tools and services they’re rolling out. I’ve always wrestled with whether or not to say anything about them, but then I’ll hear from someone asking if I was aware of it and why I didn’t say something? So after giving it some thought, I figured […]

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Weekend with WOOD 2013 – Brian Simmons

June 17, 20130 Comments

I make no bones about it…I’ve been very reluctant to pick up my turning tools for years now. I use to ask “WHY?” every time I saw the lathe in my shop and wondered whether I should just sell it or not? But I knew deep down that I wanted to get over my phobia […]

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Weekend with WOOD 2013 Snippet No. 4

May 22, 20130 Comments

Gary Rogowski, Director of The Northwest Woodworking Studio – www.northwestwoodworking.com, gives a quick demonstration of how he preps and sharpens a card scraper for a finish quality edge as part of his class titled “Three Simple Finishes” at Weekend with WOOD. Please forgive the poor audio quality and background noise. The rooms were heating up […]

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Jointer & Planer Knives “the question”

April 4, 201316 Comments

I’ve recently been getting a lot of questions regarding whether or not I sharpen my jointer and or thickness planer blades myself. And my usual response is “I don’t do it myself” if anything I send them out to be sharpened. There’s a whole list of reasons why, but at the heart of it is […]

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490 Sharpening options in my shop

August 18, 20128 Comments

Over the years, I’ve done my fair share of experimenting with sharpening. From the early days of sandpaper on glass to waterstones and now on to my Tormek, I had one goal in mind…to create the scariest sharpest edge anyone could ever imagine!!! I won’t claim to have achieved that dream yet, but I’ve managed […]

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Spoken Wood Podcast No.56

June 22, 20100 Comments

Today’s episode was written and recorded by Doug Berch. Doug is a Musician and Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer Maker and you can find out more about him, his music and of course his Dulcimers by visiting his website at www.dougberch.com. Doug’s post is “My Sharpening Journey So Far” posted June 18th, 2010 on his website’s blog […]

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Honing and Sharpening Chisel and Hand Plane Blades

August 19, 20070 Comments

The much awaited sharpening episode is here. Whether you use stones or sandpaper it’s all the same technique! Download Video File

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