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Coming up this weekend…

March 22, 20132 Comments

I’ve received quite a few inquires recently about whether or not I plan to release an episode or blog post about the wooden rings I’ve been making. Actually, I am! And the video will be posted this weekend. Thanks to my wonderful and talented wife Samantha Vanderlist of Shutter Sam Photography for the amazing images […]

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Sam’s Music for the Wood Shop No. 1

November 16, 20122 Comments

On a recent episode of Wood Talk someone asked about what we listen to in the shop and if we had recommendations for some good music. I have to confess I mostly listen to podcasts, but when I need music I can always count on my beautiful wife Sam to drop in something that quickly […]

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470 Super simple box

November 20, 201120 Comments

I mentioned on a recent episode of Wood Talk Online Radio I was building some small boxes for my wife Samantha’s photography business –Shuttersam.com. The boxes are best described as being nothing more than a “Super simple box”. No extravagant ornamentation, no exotic species and no complicated joinery. The idea was a plain box that […]

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