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333 Small Table Project Part 4 – The Finale

November 25, 20080 Comments

This is the final episode of the small table project. Today we’ll be doing the final assembly now that we have the pieces all cut to size, shaped and ready to go. Attaching the aprons to the legs is a matter of choosing the right joinery that works for you. And that doesn’t always mean […]

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331 Small Table Project Part 3

November 20, 20082 Comments

Normally I release these on Wednesdays, but this has been no ordinary week! So here’s the latest episode of the small table build. In this episode we’re cutting and shaping the legs. A simple job of ripping each one to size and then cutting the double taper that give them their shape. Since I’ve been […]

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326 Small Table Project Part 2

November 4, 20080 Comments

Part 2 of the small table project continues with the routing of the table’s edge. I chose to use the Thumbnail Table Edge bit because I wanted that elongated, round over look…see for yourself! Download Video File

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