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477 Bandsaw riser block – hindsight

February 12, 201210 Comments

This week we return again to the stack of listener suggested topics and questions that have come in over the years. After bringing the 14″ Steel City band saw into the basement workshop, many of you had questions specifically about the riser block I installed. The obvious benefits of a riser block to a 14″ […]

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Mid-Week Tool Sneak Peek No. 5

July 27, 20110 Comments

Highland Woodworking has just the thing small shop woodworkers are looking for, an easy way to move “stationary tools” out of the way quickly and easily without breaking the bank. A Steel City Universal Mobile Base! * Just measure the base of your machine. * Cut a piece of 3/4″ plywood 1/2″ larger in each […]

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