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Just in time for summer vacation “The Highland Woodworker” Episode No. 13

July 11, 20140 Comments

Are you still in summer vacation mode? Looking for something to kickback and watch while you’re relaxing poolside or out in the Adirondack chairs you built a while back? Charles Brock and the crew of The Highland Woodworker knew you would be, so they wrapped up filming and editing of the most recent episode just […]

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What I did on my summer vacation…

June 25, 201310 Comments

Funny thing about vacations, I can’t wait for the chance to sleep-in and then all the opportunities for extra shop time. But as most of my vacations go‚Ķthat’s not even close to what happens. We try to plan a family get away somewhere we all know we’ll have fun, but I can’t help but think […]

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