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Isn’t pockethole joinery bad for wood movement?

June 22, 20154 Comments

In the short time since I released the video for Samantha’s table I’ve had a few people asking why I didn’t use a different method for attaching the table top to the apron. Apparently there’s a lot of concern centering around the use of pocket hole joinery this way, more specifically a concern it isn’t […]

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501 Maple Table Base Pt 1

February 8, 20134 Comments

Today’s episode is the first of a two part series on the construction of a solid Maple table base built for our friend’s daughter. The tabletop is a pre-manufactured top with a Maple edge banding, so we won’t be covering the construction of it. In this first part I’ll demonstrate creating a template pattern for […]

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326 Small Table Project Part 2

November 4, 20080 Comments

Part 2 of the small table project continues with the routing of the table’s edge. I chose to use the Thumbnail Table Edge bit because I wanted that elongated, round over look…see for yourself! Download Video File

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