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Happy Memorial Day 2014

May 26, 20141 Comment

Happy Memorial Day 2014. Thank you to all of the brave service people who have stood vigilant both domestic and abroad over the years. Because of your sacrifices we can live the lives we have today. On this day we give thanks for all you’ve done “thank you” will never be enough! Help support the […]

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Thank you for your service! Happy Veterans Day

November 11, 20130 Comments

Happy Veterans Day to all of our military friends and family. Thank you for your service in both peace and conflict. It’s because of the sacrifice of the few that the many can live their day-to-day lives that we’ve come to know and cherish. Over the last 7+ years that Matt’s Basement Workshop has been […]

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Fundraiser Thank You!

March 5, 20130 Comments

It’s officially over and the numbers are in. Thanks to the amazing generosity of all of you that gave to my Fundraiser the original goal was surpassed! The final amount raised was 224.53% of the original goal, a simple THANK YOU seems far too small for how much I appreciate all of you! I’m still […]

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