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Thanksgiving awesomeness with Roy Underhill

November 27, 20140 Comments

Happy Thanksgiving to all my fellow US compatriots! May your plate be overflowing with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and…I have to stop now because I just drooled on my keyboard and almost caused an electrical fire… but you get the idea. One of the non-foodie things I’m most thankful for this year, other than family […]

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Happy Thanksgiving 2013

November 28, 20132 Comments

Happy Thanksgiving to each and everyone of you who are celebrating today (for my international friends…happy thursday)! May your bellies be full, your spirits fuller and your stretchy pants the stretchiest! Help support the show – please visit our advertisers

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Momentary Change to Wood Talk Schedule

November 19, 20122 Comments

The regularly scheduled Wood Talk for this week is being moved from its usual Wednesday night time slot to Tuesday at 5:45PM. The main reason for this change isn’t to inconvenience anyone who wanted to catch the show live, but instead because we knew many of you would be traveling Wednesday night for the Thanksgiving […]

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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24, 20110 Comments

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you in the United States or if you just want to play along and stuff yourself ridiculously with food today. Enjoy this one day of great food, good company and an excuse to wear stretchy pants (like I need one)! Remember, turkey makes you sleepy, so don’t stuff your face […]

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