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555 A simple planer sled

June 12, 20165 Comments

For the past several months while I’ve been on the road for work my wife Samantha has been tackling a kitchen project. I’ve been helping out where, and when I could, but for the most part it was all her sweat and effort going into it (and before anyone asks, no, I didn’t build any […]

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539 Madison’s Dresser Pt 3 “Sides, sides, everywhere are sides”

February 19, 20157 Comments

It’s time to get started with the actual building of Madison’s tall dresser, and the first steps in the process is making the sides for the body. These consist of two wide, solid-wood panels just over 49 inches in length and 19 inches in width. In order for us to attach the drawer frames (which […]

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521 Thickness planer “Death Match”

March 15, 201428 Comments

Now that I lured you in with that “misleading” title here’s what today’s episode is really all about, a side-by-side comparison of my old Rigid 13” thickness planer and the new-to-me Steel City Tool Works 13” thickness planer with helical-style cutter head. Actually that description is also a little misleading considering the only thing being […]

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Jointer & Planer Knives “the question”

April 4, 201316 Comments

I’ve recently been getting a lot of questions regarding whether or not I sharpen my jointer and or thickness planer blades myself. And my usual response is “I don’t do it myself” if anything I send them out to be sharpened. There’s a whole list of reasons why, but at the heart of it is […]

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Morton reviews the Steel City Planer with Carbide Cutters

March 19, 20134 Comments

I remember wandering the show floor at AWFS 2009 and seeing a booth featuring helical cutterheads for jointers and thickness planers and thinking “I need to get one of those for my tools!”. I also remember thinking about how amazing it would be if I had one with carbide cutters versus the usual high speed […]

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More Reasons For Buying A Thickness Planer First

February 7, 20132 Comments

To recap the last post; when asked which tool would I purchase first, a thickness planer or a jointer? My answer will always be a thickness planer. Some of you might be asking “why?” Well it’s plain and simple as far as I’m concerned. With a thickness planer I can use a technique or two […]

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Jointer or Thickness Planer First?

February 5, 20138 Comments

One of the most frequent questions I’ve been asked over the years by new woodworkers is “Which should I buy first, a jointer or a thickness planer?” And the answer I always give is…it depends! Okay, I know that’s not actually an answer that would be helpful, but it DOES depend. It depends on quite […]

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