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546 The Drillnado hits the basement workshop

May 22, 20157 Comments

I’ve been trying to distance myself further and further away from product reviews. Since they consist entirely of opinions they can be a little tricky to pull off successfully. This is especially true if you’ve had plenty of time to try the item out and can navigate your way around it like a seasoned pro, […]

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Knew Concept Saws Look and Work Equally Amazing!

March 26, 20130 Comments

I was introduced to the Knew Concept Fret saw two years ago in the marketplace at Woodworking in America. My first impression of the saw was that it was a little weird looking, but in a VERY COOL way! It looked way to fragile to actually work, after all my first fret saw was a […]

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Morton reviews the Steel City Planer with Carbide Cutters

March 19, 20134 Comments

I remember wandering the show floor at AWFS 2009 and seeing a booth featuring helical cutterheads for jointers and thickness planers and thinking “I need to get one of those for my tools!”. I also remember thinking about how amazing it would be if I had one with carbide cutters versus the usual high speed […]

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Milwaukee 5616-20 Fixed Base Router Review with ToolSELECT TV

February 27, 20130 Comments

Time to return to the ToolSELECT TV studio for another tool review! This time around it’s all about the Milwaukee 5616-20 Fixed Base Router. This model from Milwaukee is a fixed base router with a twist. Unlike a regular fixed base router that you twist the body to adjust, the user has a couple of […]

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Mid-week tool sneak peek No. 20

February 1, 20122 Comments

With it being the time of year we typically stay in doors to avoid the cold I, like many of you spend a lot of time in the shop. This means creating a lot of sawdust and messes that could be tracked all over the house. This is why good dust collection is so important. […]

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My Toolselect.com debut

December 13, 20116 Comments

Not too long ago I wrote a post about Toolselect.com. In it I mentioned what a great service they provide for ANYONE looking for real world reviews about all kinds of tools. I mentioned how Toolselect.com gives reviewers a tool to take back to their shop or job site or wherever they’ll use it and […]

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