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2014 Suggested gift guide for the Woodworker

December 8, 20140 Comments

With Christmas just around the corner it’s time to make sure loved ones know exactly what you want under the tree. To help you out I created a downloadable PDF filled with “suggestions” ranging from hand tools to power tools, and even some suggested reading. It’s not a complete list of all the great ideas […]

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July 18, 20135 Comments

In case you haven’t listened to the latest episode of Wood Talk, part of the discussion with my co-hosts was in regards to books that “inspire us”. I’m not ashamed to admit it (okay, maybe a little) but I almost didn’t have any titles to share. In fact the only one worth mentioning was my […]

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It’s like being on the Dean’s List for Forestry!

January 22, 20130 Comments

I just heard from a representative at ForestryDegree.net and Matt’s Basement Workshop was included on its just published list of 101 Handy Sites for Conscientious Wood Use! ForestryDegree.net is a website who’s “readers have vested interests in protecting forest resources and making sure we can continue to use them in the future. We hope this […]

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490 Sharpening options in my shop

August 18, 20128 Comments

Over the years, I’ve done my fair share of experimenting with sharpening. From the early days of sandpaper on glass to waterstones and now on to my Tormek, I had one goal in mind…to create the scariest sharpest edge anyone could ever imagine!!! I won’t claim to have achieved that dream yet, but I’ve managed […]

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Spoken Wood Podcast No. 215

August 9, 20120 Comments

Today’s episode was written by Lee Laird for the Highland Woodworking Blog. It’s titled “What happened to my tool(s)??” and was originally posted April 28, 2011. To read today’s post along with many more from a variety of contributing authors visit the Highland Woodworking Blog at blog.woodworkingtooltips.com. Click to Play Download Audio File Do you […]

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Xmas in July with ToolSelect.com

July 19, 20120 Comments

STEP 1. Like us on Facebook. STEP 2. Become a member at ToolSelect.com. STEP 3. Make your own tool review video and submit it! Prizes. The first prize winner will be sitting on a huge amount of new DeWalt 20V power tools! The 5pc. Combo Kit includes: One Hammer Drill One Impact Driver One Reciprocating […]

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Lee Valley has Free Shipping for a limited time!

June 8, 20120 Comments

If you’ve been putting off making some purchases at Lee Valley Tools right now might be a good time to stop procrastinating. Starting today and running until June 18, 2012 Lee Valley is offering free shipping on orders over $40 (there are possible limitations depending on your location, so check the link in this post […]

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Mid-week tool sneak peek No. 20

February 1, 20122 Comments

With it being the time of year we typically stay in doors to avoid the cold I, like many of you spend a lot of time in the shop. This means creating a lot of sawdust and messes that could be tracked all over the house. This is why good dust collection is so important. […]

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Make & Model Envy

August 2, 20110 Comments

When I was growing up there were two things every boy knew; baseball stats and cars. I knew how to play baseball (sort of) I could throw, catch and hit a ball but other than that I was an amazing benchwarmer and “Big League Chew” consumer. When it came to cars, I wasn’t much different. […]

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418 The Bora Wide Track Clamp Edge

March 15, 20101 Comment

The guys over at Bora Clamps recently introduced their latest clamping system, the Bora Wide Track Clamp Edge. A straight edge clamp that works very much like a traditional clamp with the added benefit of having a straight edge body attached to it. The beauty of a straight edge clamp is you can attach it […]

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