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New tool announcement coming soon…starting with Tormek

September 3, 20140 Comments

Frequently I receive press releases and updates from manufacturers about tools and services they’re rolling out. I’ve always wrestled with whether or not to say anything about them, but then I’ll hear from someone asking if I was aware of it and why I didn’t say something? So after giving it some thought, I figured […]

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490 Sharpening options in my shop

August 18, 20128 Comments

Over the years, I’ve done my fair share of experimenting with sharpening. From the early days of sandpaper on glass to waterstones and now on to my Tormek, I had one goal in mind…to create the scariest sharpest edge anyone could ever imagine!!! I won’t claim to have achieved that dream yet, but I’ve managed […]

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Mid-week tool sneak peek no. 13

October 12, 20110 Comments

In the realm of sharpening there are two schools of thought. Hand sharpening; using stones (natural vs man-made, oil vs water) and either free-hand honing or using a jig. And then there’s power sharpening; grinders and the like. How you sharpen, can be as controversial and divisive as politics and religion. There are strong opinions […]

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