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525 Bathroom cabinet part 4 “Skinny legged base”

June 14, 20147 Comments

I’ve finally navigated my way through the quagmire that is “the loose ends” of the final steps to completing a project. It was a rough trail with a few pitfalls along the way. But regardless of the route I took to get here, the final video of the bathroom cabinet project is complete. In today’s […]

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Veneered projects in my future? Maybe…

April 4, 20141 Comment

I remember early in my woodworking experience thinking that working with veneers in a project was somehow like cheating. Of course at the time I had very little understanding of how much solid wood moved and especially no idea of how expensive highly figured and exotic woods could be…in a nutshell, I was pretty naive! […]

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471 Shelves and drawers pt 1

December 5, 201112 Comments

Today’s show is the first of several episodes covering the construction of a shelving and drawer set.  A good friend of the family approached me about building two tall shelving units and two short units with drawers. All four pieces would stand on top of solid maple bases and the drawer fronts would be solid […]

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468 WIA lectures pt 2

October 24, 20110 Comments

As promised, today’s episode is the second of two episodes featuring selected clips from some of the classes I attended at Woodworking in America 2011. There were a lot of great classes to choose from and the lecturers were equally fantastic. In today’s episode I’ve included clips from Megan Fitzpatrick’s “Your first dovetails”, Charles Brock’s […]

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463 Walls of Shelves Pt. 5

August 7, 201112 Comments

It’s the final episode in the “Walls of Shelves” series. In today’s episode I’m applying a veneer edge banding to the exposed edges of the shelving units and ALL the shelves that go with them. Unlike in previous builds where I’ve opted to use solid edge banding, this time I’m turning to the pre-glued version. […]

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321 Lumber Species of the Month – Cuts of Veneers

October 23, 20080 Comments

Rather than talking about a specific species of lumber this month let’s talk about something that’s commonly done with them…cutting them into veneers. Cutting veneers is perhaps one of the easiest ways to deal with wood movement or to ensure that more of a unique grain or color can be used within a project. While […]

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