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413 Maple Child’s Dresser Pt.4

February 18, 20108 Comments

Today’s episode of the dresser build concentrates on making tenons that fit tightly in the mortises we made last week for the drawer rails. It’s important to have the tenons fit snug into their mortises but not so tight they split the mortised component. My preferred method of cutting tenons is to cut them a […]

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The Daily Matt No.76

February 14, 20100 Comments

Today’s post is all about a great project being put together by our very own Marc Spagnoluo The Wood Whisperer. Cancer is a horrible disease that touches so many of us. While we’ve made great advances in research and treatment it’s something we’re far from a cure for. But that doesn’t mean we can’t try […]

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411 Maple Child’s Dresser Pt.3

February 11, 20100 Comments

It’s only been a couple of weeks since the last post on the construction of the recent Child’s Dresser. As we move on with today’s episode, we continue working on the four legs. Taking the rough blanks and dimensioning them to their finished sizes and then cutting in grooves for the side panels and eventually […]

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409 Hendrik’s February Visit “How Do I Learn Woodworking”

February 4, 20101 Comment

Hendrik is back this month and our topic of discussion is “How Do I Learn Woodworking”. Just like there are so many different aspects of woodworking there’s more than one way to learn woodworking. Whether it’s taking a class or simply playing around in the shop, learning woodworking is a personal journey that starts with […]

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The Daily Matt No. 72

February 4, 20101 Comment

Today’s episode we’re continuing on our discussion of why buy premium planes? This is the second part of the premium vs non-premium planes and what their typical characteristics are. Our focus is on smoothing planes, as they’re the planes that it’s most crucial to have working better than any other. Flat soles, working parts and […]

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The Daily Matt No. 71

February 3, 20101 Comment

One of the most common questions I get regularly is “Why buy a high end plane like those from Lee Valley or Lie-Nielsen?” “Is there a real difference?” “Can’t an inexpensive plane do the same thing?” After having some experience with Premium planes and some not so premium ones, I’m starting to understand what works […]

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The Daily Matt No. 70

January 31, 20102 Comments

Talking about the bevel up planes on this episode. Especially the Veritas versions. Help support the show – please visit our advertisers

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The Daily Matt No. 67

January 25, 20102 Comments

Taking a little detour from our the scheduled topic today to make sure you have a chance to checkout a few things! First thing I want to mention is Tom Fidgen’s new website www.theunpluggedwoodshop.com. Heading into the holidays I had mentioned receiving my copy of his new book “Made By Hand – Furniture projects from […]

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396 Veritas Plow Plane

November 17, 20093 Comments

Plow planes are nothing new, they’ve been a mainstay in hand tool shops for centuries. In fact the plow plane was and still is a tool that defined the craftsman. Whether it was an all wooden bodied plane with ebony inlays and beautiful brass components for a master woodworker. Are a simple boxwood or beech […]

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395 Samantha’s Bookcase Construction Pt. 4

November 12, 20093 Comments

Let’s jump back into the construction of Samantha’s bookcase. In this episode I’m attaching the solid wood face frame to the base unit. We have a few options for covering the plywood edges, but rather than veneer I prefer solid wood. Download Video File

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