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Momentary hiccup coming soon

August 13, 20152 Comments

In January 2016 I’ll have been podcasting in one form or another for 10 years. Ordinarily this is where I insert some sort of self-defeating comment like “I’m sorry,” but I’m not going to, because in reality I’m rather proud of it! But this isn’t an anniversary post. Instead, it’s a heads up to anyone […]

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“Love Letter to Plywood” by Tom Sachs Video is Awesome!!!

December 4, 20122 Comments

I need to spend more time combing the internet for amazing content like this video produced by Tom Sachs, thankfully the folks at Micro Jig found it and posted it in their newsletter. There is something about amazingly well produced video shorts that have always mesmerized me, sadly I have yet to translate that into […]

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