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561 The Shoe Bench

May 11, 20200 Comments

There’s nothing like scratching two things off your to-do list with a single effort. In this case it’s replacing a real eye-sore of a project (that wasn’t as helpful as originally thought…see “The Good, the bad and…It’s Ugly”…,) and also another way to use up some old stock that’s just been taking up space for […]

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479 Samantha’s Mirror Pt. 2

February 26, 201214 Comments

On today’s show we’ll continue where we left off last week on the construction of the Cherry Mirror frame I recently built for my wife. ¬†As I mentioned in the last episode we purchased a full-length mirror for our bedroom and after getting it home I decided it was just a little too plain for […]

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297 Lumber Species of the Month – Walnut

August 21, 20080 Comments

Hey everyone it’s time for another installment of Lumber Species of the Month…and this time we’re sharing a few facts on a favorite of a lot of woodworkers – Walnut. Once abundant throughout the United States and growing to 150 FT tall and 6 FT in diameter Walnut was heavily harvested for it’s beautiful grains […]

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