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Weekend with WOOD 2013 – George Vondriska

June 30, 20132 Comments

One more trip back to Des Moines Iowa for the 2013 Weekend with WOOD conference. Today’s episode features a class taught by George Vondriska titled “Logs to lumber”. Wondering what the class was all about? The title isn’t a funny play on words, the class was literally a lesson on how to take small to […]

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Weekend with WOOD 2013 – Gary Rogowski

June 24, 20132 Comments

Another trip back to Des Moines, Iowa this week. The ‘Weekend with WOOD‘ conference was a wealth of information for all the attendees, especially myself. High on my list of classes were anything that had to do with finishing. When I saw Gary Rogowski was to be teaching a finishing class I knew I had […]

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Weekend with WOOD – The Jim Heavey Experience

June 12, 20133 Comments

My entire first day of the Weekend with WOOD conference was spent with Jim Heavey in the finishing room. Jim taught 3 classes that day – the first was “Spray Finishing Made Simple”, the second was “Choose and Use the Best Topcoat for Your Project” and the third was “Finishing Your Finish”. Today’s footage is […]

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Weekend with WOOD 2013 – The Montage

June 10, 20133 Comments

This week I’m on vacation with the family and I thought it would be the perfect time to share some of the footage I recorded at the 1st ever Weekend with WOOD earlier this year. There’s 5 videos in total, starting today with a little montage featuring the location of the conference and some of […]

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Weekend With WOOD Snippet No. 3

May 21, 20130 Comments

George Vondriska of Woodworkers Guild of America www.wgoa.com was teaching a class at Weekend with WOOD titled “Logs to lumber”. As the name implies it’s about creating your own lumber from logs on a bandsaw. Not the big portable bandsaws (although that’s an option) but instead using a smaller bandsaw that you might have in […]

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Snippet No. 2 from Weekend with WOOD

May 18, 20130 Comments

Another great day of classes at Weekend with WOOD and to wrap it up was an open Q&A with the editors of the magazine.

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Snippet from Weekend with WOOD

May 18, 20130 Comments

I’ve never been accused of being a tease, but I’ve tried! The first ever Weekend with WOOD is currently underway and I’m about to head out the door to day 2. I was able to get some great clips of Jim Heavey talking about spray finishing, finishing your finish (making it look even better when […]

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Question the WOOD Magazine Editors?

May 10, 20132 Comments

I’m only a few days away from heading to Des Moines for the first ever “Weekend With WOOD“. I love the idea that a magazine I’m already a fan of is opening their doors and welcoming attendees to a jam-packed event where you’ll learn so much from some amazing instructors. I’ll definitely be sharing as […]

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I’m Going to the Weekend With WOOD Event ARE YOU?

March 1, 20130 Comments

If you haven’t heard about the “Weekend with WOOD” event coming up the weekend of May 17-19, 2013 you may still have time to snag a seat…maybe even right next to me! This is a limited seat woodworking event being put on by the staff of WOOD Magazine and it looks like it’s going to […]

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Wood Talk Online No. 118

January 24, 20130 Comments

On today’s show, we’re talking about breaking down plywood, shapton glass stones, adapting festool hoses, some hand plane talk, and Kickstarter. What’s on the bench? Shannon scrap wood chair? Matt cold weather glue-up and Craigslist scammer buster? Marc delivered bed, writing new book. Poll of the Week Do you like Red Oak? 1000 votes 40% […]

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