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443 Day 2 at Woodworking in America 2010

October 14, 20102 Comments

Let’s take one more trip back to Woodworking in America 2010 and I’ll share with you a few more classes I attended as part of this ongoing amazing experience. I eluded to the “mourning phase” after leaving the show and coming down off my woodworking high as we drove away. That mourning isn’t quite what […]

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442 Day 1 of Woodworking in America 2010

October 7, 20104 Comments

Another Woodworking in America has come and gone and it’s left a lasting impression. Not just on me but everybody I’ve talked with who attended. This is like no other woodworking show out there right now. It’s not about the vendors, it’s not about the lecturers, it’s all about the people attending. And I’m willing […]

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Woodworking In America 2010 – A View From My Friends

October 6, 201012 Comments

Now that Woodworking in America 2010 is done and in the history books it’s time to hear what the attendees had to say about it. I for one have some great video clips from the classes I attended and plan to post those this weekend. I feel as though I’m going through some kind of […]

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