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Hand Tool Olympics Trash Talking 2009 Style

December 30, 20131 Comment

I was clearing out some old files the other day and discovered this little gem! In the spirit of fun my co-host and friend Shannon Rogers (at the time he still was just a listener of Wood Talk) and I thought it would be fun to boast and brag about our hand tool prowess and […]

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Woodworking in America 2013 – Mary May “Linenfold Carving”

October 26, 20130 Comments

At the top of my “woodworking things that intimidate me to tears“ list you’ll find woodcarving somewhere in the top 5, definitely far below “magnifying glass pyrography“. Considering I took the plunge not so long ago and faced my fear of woodturning, and currently I’m alive and not noticeably maimed (thanks to tricky camera angles […]

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339 Workbenches with Chris Schwarz at WIA

December 11, 20080 Comments

I still have a lot more footage and some great topic ideas from my time at the Woodworking in America conference last month. One of the things I wanted to share with you is this footage from a class with Chris Schwarz on…what else?…the workbench. Download Video File

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