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Wood movement catastrophe averted

July 7, 20142 Comments

I’m sure you all remember the bedside tables I built for me and Samantha (if not, here’s a link where you can checkout the first episode in the series.) Many of you have asked what finish we went with, and I probably replied we plan to paint them…as soon as Sam figures out which shade […]

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Time to acclimate…then BUILD!!!

August 27, 201311 Comments

Over the past weekend I finally took the time to take care of a couple of pressing matters – first, I had to make some room in my shop for my recent shipment of 5/4 maple from the folks at Bell Forest Products. This isn’t always easy considering space can be tight in the basement […]

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MBW “Shorts” – Wood Movement and the Simple Wooden Box

August 20, 20132 Comments

Shortly after the release of the most recent video featuring the new photo boxes I’m making for my wife’s business I received an email from an audience member asking if I was concerned about the expansion and contraction of the box’s bottom panel effecting the metered corners of its sides? In truth, not really, or […]

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Wood Talk No. 113 “Chuck Norris Ruins the Poll”

December 13, 20120 Comments

The latest Wood Talk isn’t messing around! Stop what you’re doing and listen right now! It’s got Chuck Norris in the title after all! On today’s show, we’re looking at the year in review. We’ll also discuss the wide world of hand planes, wood movement after milling, digital vs print magazines, the Domino vs the […]

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